For 25 years, HYDROSYSTEM specializes in the design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic system , both for the industry and for construction equipment . With four sites HYDROSYSTEM meets all specifications from either manufacturer , dealer or supplier.

Having built up a solid experience , and with a network of efficient outsourcing, the HYDROSYSTEM team had the ambition and willingness to respond to a request from a municipality for the manufacture of a gear earthwork specifically designed for digging graves in tight place not exceeding 50 centimeters wide and weighing not exceed 450kg , motor car and having a depth capacity of over 2 meters. These imperatives was born CROCOPELLE .

Our research has developed a machine that perfectly to the desires of the customer by adding a real flexibility.

Since then, several machines were delivered , users all have a positive feeling.

This excavator is finalized HYDROSYSTEM wanted to broaden the spectrum of potential customers. This idea came the mini – excavator pick up !
This multifunctional device can target number of professionals in various trades : parks , public works , masonry, demolition , excavation …
The mobile workstation is no loss of time in setting up and folds at the end of construction .

This robust excavator , has the capacity to dig , drill , lift . It is worthy of a traditional excavator with the asset, its light weight and easily removable board position (chassis specifically for any pick- up) .

Its stability is ensured by two hydraulic legs . All movements are secured by the valves protecting inadvertent movement when out of hoses. The user list is not exhaustive, the offer will be as is measurement of specific customer requests .

Hydrosystem clutching his motto ” our job is to help you make it yours “